• Mărțișor

Limited edition "Mărțișoare". 


Mărțișor is a holiday that symbolizes the arrival of spring. The Mărțișor day is a Romanian tradition celebrated on March 1st, and it represents a time of joy and revival of nature. In the Romanian language, the word "Mărțișor" is derived from the word "Marț", the folkloric name for the month of March. The literal translation of Mărțișor would be "Little March".

The central piece of this holiday is a red and white string which bears the same name as the holiday itself. The red color symbolizes vitality and life, and it is associated with the passion of women, while the white threads are associated with victory, snow, and the wisdom of men. This piece of cotton is believed to bring protection against evil spirits and to evoke the revitalization of nature. For this reason, people used to hang the mărțișor on their front gates or wear it along with painted river pebbles around the neck.