How to make your own beaded tree

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  • The project is done
    The project is done

  You will going to need:

Wire (some are 0,6-,0,7 mm), cutters, beads or semiprecious stones, some base, glue gun if you want to glue. I use glass or round wood, grass, lichen, accesories and the patience. wink


 I start using green wire and yellow beads.


1. Cut 3 strings if the wire is thin, arround 80 cm long, each. Fold them in half.

2. Add 5-7 or more beads. Your personal touch, creat a loop. I add only 5 this time.

3. You have to create a branch, do the same, adding and creating a loop. Twist clockwise.

4. Now you made 2 branches. Twist them together.

5. Now you made more.

6. Add them together.

The ideea is to make many branches and combine them together.

If you think this process is easy, guess again, is not! But is fun, when you start loosing beads, cutting wire, etc. You get the point. wink

And here they are 5, even 6 hours of work as your process it doesn't finish here.

7. You need to add your tree into something, glass, wood. Glue it with the glue gun. You can use your imagination, maybe you want to add stone, gras, lichen as I did. 

So, have fun. I always will do with so much pleasure.


There are many techniques out there, choose which version you want.