Brand Ambassador

 Is looking for Brand Ambassadors who can represent our products via Instagram, Facebook. (share, tag, like, link). For New customer you bring you get instead: 20%off when you order from the site. 

For NEW customer, write in your order who recommend you (the code) from our Brand Ambassadors. (you get a free limited edition gift).wink

mail at: 




What is a Brand Ambassador?

We’ll begin with describing what a brand ambassador is from the point of view of the customer. Say you purchase a lot of products from a company like Zalando, Juststrong, Lookfantastic, or similar, and you tag the brand whenever you get a new product from them that you love. The brand notices this and features you in their story on Instagram. Everyone gets excited when a big brand does this, right? Well, you do this often enough that the brand reaches out to you and says, “Hey, we notice you purchase a lot of products from us, how would you like to be a brand ambassador?” This will likely come with a few offers. Like 50% off your next purchase, and 20% off every purchase moving forward. So long as you continue to feature the products in your feed. Then, the company may also give you a discount code to share with your followers. So, every time someone uses your code, you get a small cut of the profit from that purchase. Cool, right?


Also we are working with different partners as a sport clothing line.

So, get 10% if you order from:



Brand Ambassador Form:

See the form, bellow. Fill out the form and send it to: